Each UNISON branch is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the January to March quarter of each year.(Under rule G.3)

The Branch should distribute the agenda, reports and other materials to all members in accordance with UNISON’s Rules and Code of Good Branch Practice. A notification should be circulated to all members at least 12 weeks in advance of the AGM with the following details:

  • Date, time and venue of the AGM or aggregate AGMs
  • The opportunity to submit motions and the timetable for receipt of motions
  • Notification of Branch Officer positions to be elected to and the constituencies for Steward and other workplace/workgroup representative positions to be elected to
  • The timetable for receipt of nominations and details of where nomination forms can be obtained

All members should receive adequate written notice of the meeting, and, if contested, take part in a Branch Officer election

UNISON Dragon Court Print Services can help by:-

  • Print AGM notices
  • Print Nomination forms
  • Mail out all of these direct to your members.

If a branch officer ballot is required we…

  • Print Election Addresses for Branch Officials
  • Print Branch Officer Ballot Papers (& number them for security)
  • Provide business reply return envelopes to encourage membership participation
  • Mail out all of these direct to your members.

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